Have you ever wondered what chickens had gone through in the past and how they are compared with today’s hens? Get to know some interesting facts about Old & New School chicks and discover why it’s important to stay updated with protein production technology.

Let’s go back on time for a second… In the 1900s chickens were not being taken care of, in fact, they weren’t really considered necessary livestock at the time. Chicken meat was only consumed in rare or special occasions, it was considered a meat delicacy. Eggs also were considered rare, since the production was so low for one chicken (80-150) eggs per year in the U.S.

Now the entire industry has completely revolutionized and now relies more than ever on the use of technology. Chickens have become over time an important resource of our daily meals and it requires a lot of maintenance, not only in installations but also with technical equipment and software. These changes have made us realize how chickens are viewed and used in today’s generation and for future generations.

This infographic helps us understand what it was like for chickens back in the day and how it has changed into today’s modernization in the protein industry.


By Rafael Ramirez

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