Animal Welfare has become very popular lately, which has drawn a lot of attention to a considerable amount of people on how animals are being treated or what are their conditions before being processed. There is a growing demand for companies in the protein industry to delver high quality products and also have high Animal Welfare standards, in-order to satisfy this demand, companies must develop new operations to grant the minimum welfare standards  in their operations. 

In a production field, there are various factors that are being considered through the operations inside the production house and can be stressful if there’s no management or supervision. Each house has its difficulties in climate, water & feed consumptions that are problems for the animals and creates a reduced performance in the field, which then leads to welfare decline.

All costs should be taken into consideration while at the same time double checking how feasible it is to maintain a good welfare and also how profitable it is for you or if it meets your production objectives.

Technology is a major key to measure your Animal Welfare standards, it not only helps you point out what you need, but also how effective it really is. Not many systems that can provide these needs and can’t generate the right type of insights that you need in order to handle all of your automated processes that monitor welfare and are part of the company. 

To achieve full welfare, your animals have to be desease free in order to have a high mortality rate, having a full integrated system can detect the illness and find the right solution. Keep track of anything related to the well-being of the animal, for example vaccinations, health performance and nutrition. This way you can make better strategic decisions by taking in account all of the data analytics that the system has given you, making improvements that are efficient and effective for the company.

Overall, having the right tools to have a rich production and simultaneously achieving a high Animal Welfare rate of your quality product. We can agree that technology plays a huge factor for keeping an automatic management system that analyzes every step to maintain or enhance welfare, but it all comes to satisfying the customers needs and to always be a step ahead of your competition. 


By Rafael Ramirez

Author at The more I learn the more I share! I enjoy investigating this amazing industry, finding the latest news and features from MTech, and sharing them with you.

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