Accurate & Efficient Production pt.2: Traceability

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What is traceability? How does it help a process plant? These questions may have come across your mind while talking about the subject.

Traceability is a solution that covers every phase from nutrition and genetic breeding to finished product development. Following products that leave the farm and arrive at hatcheries, nurseries and other handling facilities create the dynamic link from farms to all company locations.

Every phase can be traceable, all of the production information modules of each phase from genetic development, parent breeding, nutrition and feeding, progeny grow-out, processing, and all additional points in the full production supply chain no activity related to production is excluded. Traceability solutions that grow along with your business areas, no more confusion, duplicate entries, or disconnected data sets.

Traceability information is collected and used to contain and reduce the spread of foreign diseases so they can be eliminated and this announcement takes the livestock industry one step closer to making traceability a feasible and valuable tool for producers in every way possible. Animal health and foreign animal disease preparedness are key priorities for industry

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