Take a couple of minutes and discover what happened in this event which is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

Carambei, Brazil; New emerging technologies that facilitate workloads and being updated is how you can take a more precise decision, were the main topics discussed this past 11-13 of June in one of the biggest events for the agricultural industry that took place in the city of Carambei, also where MTech was present and one of our experts had the chance to be a keynote speaker.

More than 8,000 visitors came to see and interact with exhibitors, making this one of the most successful editions of #DigitalAgro2019. MTech expert, Dalton Greco, gave a very intriguing presentation to the attendees about the Evolution of Animal Production-Artificial Intelligence and IoT. During the display, Dalton explained how the protein industry is changing and what are the tools needed in order to facilitate this technological evolution, for example machine learning, reinforcement learning and how they intergrate with IoT devices.

Leading innovators of the industry have come together to spread out valuable information to the attendees about how important it is to stay updated in the agribusiness and to keep on learning, so you won’t get left behind.

If you want to see the complete lecture visit #DigitalAgro2019 Facebook page and after minute 47 you will be able to see Daltons presentation. https://www.facebook.com/digitalagrobrasil/videos/1689254174552494/


By Rafael Ramirez

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