As the poultry community increasingly adopts the Sonar Echo farm monitoring and analytics tools,  including both software and hardware, MTech has partnered with the leader in deploying on-farm electronics and measuring devices to ensure a more efficient and successful IoT solution.

This partnership will guarantee that integrators and growers in all regions of North America can trust that the installation and support of the equipment in their barns will be performed to the highest standards.

Few suppliers in the industry can match the commitment and experience that Diversified Agriculture LLC has built over 35 years of providing controllers, scales, communications, backup systems, and much more.  Equally dedicated to delivering the highest quality software and services, MTech is happy to announce this Diversified Agriculture relationship will allow each to focus on what we do best, and to help lead the protein industry to better ways of monitoring, managing and producing their products.

MTech Systems VP, Simon Cohen and Diversified Executive VP, Zur Fabian

Contact today and find out more about Sonar Echo solution.


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