Let’s take a look at what MTech is doing.

MTech has taken a huge step in Machine Learning for the poultry industry, a designated team has created the very first algorithms to enhance flocks performance like never before and briefly it will lead farmers into a whole new level of predictions.

MTech’s Data Science division is leveraging the latest technologies in machine learning to help our customers leverage their business. Their method is to monitor and predict health outcomes for broiler chickens. Quality control of the poultry on the equivalent of public-health data already collected by chicken farmers, such as how much water the chickens are drinking, their average weight, their growth rates, and other factors, to detect which birds were at risk of hock burn, as a sign of overall flock health. Farmers often record all those factors by hand a labor-intensive process.

Having the system updated on the algorithms will give a larger data set to the farmers and keeping the chickens monitored has better success on the prediction of their health. It can also analyze and make an optical flow of the changes that each creature has and measures the flock movement that correlates with the data analyzed in the Machine Learning system. It helps show the tremendous potential for engineering solutions to animal health.

As an international  company that is leader in software for the protein industry, Mtechs goal is that future chicken farmers will use their machine learning algorithms data from a variety of sources, such as cameras, microphones, air-quality sensors, and moisture sensors and have the predictive power that should buy farmers the time to improve conditions for their flocks of chickens.


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