Machine-learning algorithms pervade our daily lives, it has the potential for classification, diagnosis and risk factor identification. It reports the use of different alternative decisions by learning to identify the features associated with commercial broiler farms, using routinely collected farm management data. 

These data lend themselves to analysis using machine-learning techniques, also it compares the results with those obtained by standard multivariable logistic regression and suggests that this technique provides new insights into the data. With the machine-learning algorithm, embedded in poultry management systems could offer significant improvements in broiler health and welfare worldwide.

Broiler farmers have used data as an aid to health and production management for years, MTech Systems leader in software innovation that creates new ways to help its customers to get better results has assembled a team to focus on statistical analysis, large-scale data processing, and Machine learning. Having access to data and use it to learn by itself, the program will act and make decisions based on the data given rather than being explicitly programmed to carry out a certain task. The algorithms also adapt in response to new data and experiences to improve efficiency over time. 

MTech´s main objective is to have a more simplified way that farmers can see and understand what’s happening or about to happen in every field and be able to have them take better sustainable choices.


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