In a recent interview with our Business Analytics Director,  Aaron Levy, who also founded MTech Academy talked to us about how he came up with the idea and how it can help increase your abilities in systems. ¨Passion to teach and share with others” is what Aaron said that motivated him to start with MTechs very own academy.

It was first announced in last year’s IPPE Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, and with positive feedback given to us from our audience is how Aaron started building the internal and external models to offer. 

As the industry keeps on growing and new technology is coming out to be learned, there has to be a team able to reinforce the use of the systems and share existing functionality. Students (MTech users) not only take the course but can also network with each other and share experiences that could benefit their business.

The initial program will consist of 3-5 courses and taught by MTech experts who are skilled and experienced to give these courses using standardized practices but most important, identifying the needs of the customer.  

In the near future, the academy has plans to facilitate the training, for example, classes will be online and will be transmitted either through e-learning platforms, workshops, video conference calls and others. For the potential customers who are interested in MTech Academy, they will be offered webinars and demo sessions of how the courses are. At the end of the course, all customers will receive a certificate for completing all the pieces of training. 

Reaching your goal is the main objective and backing up your previous use of systems will be a key part for you to optimize your results. ¨the user receives the benefits, but their firm is who notices the difference” said Director Aaron Levy, who has a vision of great significance for this academy and its importance in the industry. 


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