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Over the past month, we have had some exciting new developments in MTech Sonar that I want to share with you.

We’ve incorporated a couple of awesome features as we continue to set Sonar apart as an industry leader in live production IoT. As always, these features are immediately available; there’s no need to reinstall the app or do any manual updates, so some of you may have already seen these appear on your device.

Machine Learning assisted weight projections

The biggest change has been the inclusion of our Machine Learning weight projections directly into Sonar App. Now, the app displays our estimated weight projection, calculated out 21 days from the current day. Once the flock is within 21 days of its target processing age —or for Protein v7.32+ customers running the Broiler Planning Assistant (BRPA), the Planned Processing Date— the app displays the projected target weight at the top of the Weights overview screen.

Below, a new table displays the projected weights for 21days past the current day. For flocks that are greater than 21 days prior to the target age, the app still calculates forward 21 days but will display N/A at the top of the page. This will allow you to monitor the weight trend in the early stages of development.

Improved Graphing

As you may notice, weights screen now incorporates Uniformity and Coefficient of Variation (CV), visible below the overview graph.

In our Water KPI, we have added a consumption rate to the overview graph. This monitors the greatest hourly flow rate per day, and displays that value as an additional line, with an axis on the right hand side. Our graphing date range has also been tweaked, to display Life of Flock instead of the previous 3-month range.

New alert mode

Sonar Web hasn’t been left out of our progress either. In improving our alert infrastructure, we have introduced a rate of change based alert.

Under Thresholds in Sonar Web per KPI, there is a new field for the Max Rate Of Change Per Hour for temperature. This will enable Sonar to throw an alert if the hourly rate of change exceeds this value, even if it does not surpass the defined thresholds. In the future, we look for a similar alert on water and feed consumption, along with bird weights. These will be based on a lack of change over 24-48 hours and will alert the user to any potential health changes in the flock.

Sonar Web now has a new Feed Conversion standard incorporated, which will let the integrator enter a daily feed conversion value. This will allow us in the future to track the changes in feed conversion over the life of the flock.

Our development cycle for Sonar is in full swing, so expect some new features and analytic dashboards over the coming weeks in Sonar App and Web. If you have any feedback or questions that we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let us know how we can help. Your feedback is what spearheads the development and success of Sonar, as we push to create a solution driven by, and for the needs of the industry.


By Aditya Madhavan

Business Analyst at MTech Systems Aditya “Deech” Madhavan is the Sonar Business Analyst at MTech Systems. After several years implementing MTech software all over the US and internationally, Deech is now driving the analytic capabilities of Sonar and focused on expanding IoT across the industry. When not digging into data, he can often be found somewhere between the racetrack and the grill.

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