Artificial Intelligence is already a reality nowadays, it has come into our lives through banking applications, shopping sites, social networks, among of others.

How much do you know about Technological Evolution in Agribusiness?

We can say that it advances as fast as in the other areas, and in this approach, Simon Cohen will present at SIAVS: “How MTech Systems, the Most Innovative Company in Protein Systems, is Revolutionizing the Market through Advanced Models of Artificial Intelligence in a Disruptive, Aggregate and Inclusive Movement for Agribusiness ”.

In this scenario, the highlight is the use of information from the agribusiness routine, which feeds technological tools in an intuitive and friendly way. As a result, we have real-time monitoring and alerts for strategic decision making. Not only that, as we produce, the tools design and suggest the best production scenarios, from the producer to the agribusiness, always seeking the best productivity and profitability.

These one and other concepts will be addressed in the lecture: “Artificial Intelligence in the Protein Industry” – during the SIAVS event in São Paulo – SP at Anhembi Parque – 28thAug, Room 3 from 11am to 12pm.


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