3 exciting days that were dedicated to the latest information of technologies that are applied to the industry.

This year’s edition of MTech Users Conference 2019 Featuring a Poultry IT Roundtable was the biggest yet. All the trending topics you’re following in the industry were analyzed and discussed by experts and MTech users. We had an enjoyable time with all who attended and an overall great experience.

On the first day, the conferences covered the importance of IT departments sharing information and focusing on security in today’s active cyber crime environment.

We Learned how to better manage our data and how to share safely, also just how critical backups have become in your IT landscape.

Day 2, exposed many emerging farm technologies and how they all can be applied to optimize production, including Articficial Intelligence and Reinforced Learning.

On the last day of the 4th annual MTech Users Conference, we showcased our 2019-2020 development roadmap and had a sneak preview on some of our latest innovations, including data analytics and reports getting smarter and more useful by predicting what’s next in the barn.

Well, we have to admit it’s not all business at the MTech Users Conference. We also had a lot of fun with everyone at Top Golf and during the after-hours at the conference center.

A special thank you to all who came to MTech Users Conference 2019 and contributed to an incredible experience. Until next time!


By Rafael Ramirez

Author at news.mtech-systems.com The more I learn the more I share! I enjoy investigating this amazing industry, finding the latest news and features from MTech, and sharing them with you.

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