Bangkok, Thailand; MTech keeps on expanding into the exciting Asian Market horizons and we are thrilled to participate in this edition of VIV Asia. This opening day we started on the right foot and instantly made an impact with the visitors that are interested in optimizing their protein production and are keen to innovate their entire supply chain.

Discussing with the leaders of the industry about how our software analytics, machine learning, and IoT solutions are changing the way the protein operations will run in the future. A lot of visitors come from overseas to participate and engage with other leading companies at VIV Asia and seek out ways to improve their operations.

At this event, we like to mention that MTech has been in the market for over 30 years and also show off our new innovations that reinforce us as an expert company and reacting to the needs of companies and leading them to new ways of doing business.


By Rafael Ramirez

Author at The more I learn the more I share! I enjoy investigating this amazing industry, finding the latest news and features from MTech, and sharing them with you.

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