Today’s modern businesses cannot operate without an efficient reliable Backup System. Any virus or malware will happen sooner or later, staff must know how to deal with it. The only structural solution is the installation of an emergency support, maintenance and how to rebuild their server. This technical solution is effective and safe, but only if all functions work correctly. 

Potential losses can be the results from a power cut or any ransomware, investing in a reliable backup system that has its own IT team that can deliver full customer consultation service and that can completely rebuild the servers, reinstall Protein and setup your databases.

Most can’t probably or don’t have the sophisticated IT teams like MTech, but the advantage that we have is that our Software as a service (SaaS) applies to all potential or existing customers of MTech, as we have the commitment to take on the burden and responsibility, being Microsoft our partner.

Businesses back up data they deem to be vulnerable in the event of buggy software, hardware failure, or other unforeseen events. The goal is always to ensure rapid and reliable data retrieval should you ever need the use or just incase.


By Rafael Ramirez

Author at The more I learn the more I share! I enjoy investigating this amazing industry, finding the latest news and features from MTech, and sharing them with you.

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